Anti-Slip for Natural Wood and Laminate

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What is MinFlexx?

MinFlexx is an anti-slip coating which can be applied to most indoor, hard surfaces, and has been specially developed for the domestic, household market. It will be effective especially in areas subject to floor wetting, such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, porches, etc.

MinFlexx dries to a gloss finish which can be buffed to a higher shine if required. A low lustre version is also available. It has the added advantage of protecting your floor from staining from a wide range of household substances and scuff marks from shoes etc. This is particularly useful for wood and laminate floors which are very susceptible to marking, so helps to keep your floor looking cleaner.

It is a surprisingly thin, water-based product, producing no offensive odour and is safe to apply in confined spaces. Apply using lint-free mop, roller or brush to a clean floor. Only 20 minutes drying time means that floor downtime is minimised. It is also very economical - a little goes a long way. A minimum of 3 coats on initial application is recommended for most surfaces.

 What kind of floors will MinFlexx be suitable for?

MinFlexx is suitable for almost all hard surfaces, including ceramic, quarry and terrazzo tiles; stone, travertine, marble, wood, laminate, vinyl, rubber etc. Some very porous or unsealed surfaces such as softwood may require to be sealed before application.

 Even more traction required?

If you have a particularly problematic surface (e.g. an entranceway in public use subject to regular wetting), you may wish to consider adding micro-traction granules to the coating. These will give the surface a very finely textured appearance. Simply add to product pack and mix thoroughly and regularly during application.

 How long will a MinFlexx application last?

This is really hard to say as it depends on the type of surface and the amount of foot traffic; however in a normal domestic environment with medium use, it should last for a number of months, sometimes longer. MinFlexx is very simple to apply with a mop, cloth, brush or roller, dries very quickly, and can be re-applied to the whole area or just touched up in worn areas when necessary. Just regard an extra mop-over with MinFlexx, once in a while, as part of your normal cleaning routine, to maintain that shiny, anti-slip surface.

Does a MinFlexx treated floor need special cleaning?

Not really. For most situations, simply use any quality, low-foaming floor cleaning detergent at its recommended dilution. However you must not use bleach or any strong chemicals directly on the floor which may strip the product. Please take care if using concentrated bleach around toilets etc – any spillages will “hole” the coating, even if wiped up immediately. However, if this happens, the area can be touched up with MinFlexx once the bleach has been completely removed and rinsed away.

Any floor, whether treated or not, should NEVER be cleaned with washing up liquid or any similar high-sudsing, soapy or highly alkaline product. Why? Well consider how slippy a wet bar of soap is, and just how difficult it can be to rinse away all those suds after mopping.  Unless these are completely rinsed away using several changes of water in the mop bucket (and who has time to do that these days?), soapy deposits will remain on the floor. Just as soon as the floor gets wet, you have actually created a hazard – a floor probably slippier than the one you first started with.