On Guard Degreaser/Cleaner

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On Guard 3.78 litre (£36.75 ex VAT) £44.10 GBP

Heavy-Duty Concentrated Degreaser & Cleaner


A precise chemical formulation that helps lift dirt and grease from the pores of tiles, concrete and other hard surfaces. This releasing action helps restore the slip resistant quality of the original surface. On Guard is suitable for restaurants, kitchens, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities, colleges, etc. Highly concentrated. On Guard is easy to use, biodegradable and non acid. Free rinsing, versatile and economical.


May be used as a general-purpose degreaser around the home and for commercial use in kitchens etc. Ideal for cleaning cooking and extraction equipment.


Designed also as a complementary preparatory cleaner before applying other anti-slip products for which it is guaranteed to be 100% compatible.


On Guard™ is a trade mark of No Skidding Products, inc.


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